Yoop was developed as an interactive tool to help kids eat healthy and excercise. The adorable smartphone app places an adorable little alien friend in the care of users. Users eat and drink together with their alien, cleverly disguising a food logging system behind fun interaction. After the meal is done, you can take your alien on a walk across all manner of alien planets, or play some games to increase your knowledge about food and health. This app was developed by company Weber Interactive for client and designers Yellow Riders. I had the absolute pleasure to be able to work directly with Yellow Riders as an intern to expand the food asset library, create new fun backgrounds, customization options for Yoop, and even a new tutorial and interface! Yoop is available for play now on the App Store and Google Play.

Role: Background art, character art, asset library, interface design


yamy island

The Yamy Island app is an augmented reality app made as part of a student project in cooperation with Morrocan candy manufacturer Maghreb Industries. The company was looking for a fun, interactive way to build a relationship with their customers after combining all their different candies under one new name: Yamy. Our team at the HKU pitched and developed a prototype for a collectable card model with complimenting AR app. Children can collect small, colourful cards that depict locations on Yamy Island, a yet undiscovered candy island inhabited by strange, candy loving creatures. By collecting these cards they can start building their own vision of this island and bring it to life in augmented reality. A complete document with all the worldbuilding and art I developed for this project can be found here.

Role: Worldbuilding, environment design


Project Almara was my graduation project. For this project I designed the tabletop RPG setting of Almara, as well as two of the city’s NPCs. Almara is a large desert city in a gritty, sci-fantasy world. In this setting themes of power and corruption, loss of innocense, and the confrontation of perception play a central role in a heated struggle between tradition and change. The world borrows themes, aesthetic inspiration, and concepts from media like Numenera, Shadowrun, Dungeon and Dragons’ Eberron setting, Blades in the Dark, the works of H.P. Lovecraft, and the video game setting of Fallen London. A PDF copy of the full document can be found here, and for a more streamlined reading experience I have set up a wiki.

Roles: Worldbuilding, concept art, testing, graphic design, layout.